patheos: Two-year-old boy dies in Italy after botched religious circumcision


Following our report last week that a Muslim doctor had been suspended for a string of botched circumcisions, news comes from Italy of the death of boy who was genitally-mutilated in keeping with Islamic tradition.



The BBC reports that an unnamed A 66-year-old doctor has been charged with the murder of the two-year-old, who was circumcised at a migrant centre, along with his twin brother who is recovering in hospital.

The two boys, who have not been named, were born in Italy in 2017 to a Nigerian mother who has five other children in Nigeria. Local media say the mother had asked for the operations “in respect for Nigeria’s Islamic traditions”, despite being Catholic herself.

The man arrested is reportedly an American citizen of Libyan origin.

Some 5,000 circumcisions are performed in Italy each year but more than a third are carried out illegally, according to health charity Amsi.

Cultural non-profit group Arci said the procedures had taken place at a refugee centre it runs with the local council in Monterondo.

In a statement on Facebook Arci said:

It is a tragedy that leaves us speechless.

It adding that it would take civil action once those responsible for the child’s death had been determined by police.

The medical credentials of the doctor are reportedly being questioned by police.

Circumcision is currently unavailable in public health institutions in Italy.

Having the procedure at a private clinic can cost between €2,000 (£1,798) and €4,000 (£3,596), according to Foad Aodi, President of Amsi.

As a result, said Aodi, those from poorer backgrounds:

Can end up in the hands of unscrupulous and unskilled people, who for €50 or €20 practice circumcision.




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