ledgergazette: Only ‘Christian refugees’: French mayors

French interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve arrives for a press conference in Paris, Monday, Sept. 22, 2014. France’s top security official says militants from the Islamic State group have threatened to kill civilians in the coalition of countries arrayed against the extremists. Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve says he is confident in the country’s security. (AP Photo/Christophe Ena)


“We can not say we will share out a fixed number of refugees“. “There is no case for any such policy which would be against the spirit of all religions”.

The mayors both belong to the main opposition party of former president Nicolas Sarkozy.

Just over 50 refugees will stay in student housing in Champagne-sur-Seine, a southern suburb, while about 80refugees will be housed in a monastery in Bonnelles, some 30 miles south west of Paris.

“Life is unsafe in Iraq“.

“What we want to know is what is being prepared against us and what is being done against theSyrianpopulation”, he said. Several high-profile centre-right mayors have said that they are not ready to take any refugees at all.

“Many Muslim refugees in the Berlin areas are converting to Christianity for unclear motives” said Foad Aodi, president of Co-mai, the community of the Arab world in Italy, quoting Arab sources in the German capital.

Yves Nicolin, the mayor of the central town of Roanne, said on Monday he would only take in Christians, who are persecuted in Syria by Daesh, in order to be “certain they are not terrorists in disguise”.

Only Christians should be welcomed stated one of them ” that’s the only way to have the absolute certainty that none of them are terrorists”.

Damien Meslot, the mayor of Belfort in eastern France, said he would only consider taking in Christian families from Iraq and Syria because “they are the most persecuted”.

The French mayors’ comments recall remarks from Slovakia in August which said it would only accept Christians when it takes in Syrian refugees because Muslims would not feel at home there. “You don’t sort [refugees] on the basis of religion. The right to asylum is a universal right”.

Under European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker’s plan, EU states would share out 160,000 refugees.

According to the latest figures, about 350,000 refugees and migrants have reached the border of the European Union this year alone, with the 28-nation bloc showing little of a coordinated response to the crisis.

Meanwhile, National Front leader Marine Le Pen, France’s far-right leader, claimed Tuesday that the majority of refugees in Europe were actually economic migrants, a fact not supported by statistics from humanitarian groups.




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