italiaoggi: Let’s help Islam to self-reform


And yet it moves. Islam, albeit a thousand facets and many contradictions, is providing the first expected signs of dialogue. First steps towards that path of independence from political power and tolerance that the Catholic Church (amid many difficulties too) made in the past centuries. The alternative to dialogue, in a globalized world, is a more or less bloody conflict. Those who combine dialogue with surrender are wrong. Debate doesn’t mean capitulation.

Pope Francis’ gesture to welcome Muslims in churches has had a disruptive power. So much so that some Islamic organizations have now launched the appeal Cristian in moschea on the significant occasion of 9/11 and the almost contemporary Islamic holiday of Eid (Abraham ready to sacrifice his son Isaac to God). Mosques will be open to visitors, both lay and Christians, from 5 to 8 p.m. and according to Foad Aodi, president of Comai (Communities of the Arab world in Italy), 35 thousand Italians have already answered to the call. His words of condemnation of those who use Islam to provoke terror and religious wars help to isolate fanatics and it is precisely from within the Muslim community that the renewal action against extremism able to win terrorism should come. «The willingness to build a future of peace», Aodi said, «must overcome the will of those who build walls of phobias and prejudices and spread terror and death in the name of religion».

Of course, these gestures shouldn’t be overstated. Nevertheless, Islamic communities lived in isolation until recently, regardless of what was going on outside. Now these little Berlin walls could fall, for the benefit of the physiological life of societies. For example, the register of imams is no longer a taboo among Muslims. Just as a list of Catholic priests, rabbis and even Buddhist monks is available, transparency would also involve imams and their teachings in this way. The greenlight to the register would be a proof of maturity and it would be very helpful if the Islamic world agreed without hesitation. In this way we would welcome another step forward. Let’s help Islam to move and self-reform, without setting ourselves up as judges but proposing our values, including the separation of politics and religion, which is a terrific antidote to violence and wars..




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