Islam: Co-mai asks for registry Italian imams,migration law

(ANSAmed) – ROME – The Arab community in Italy represented by the Co-mai association on Wednesday presented a number of proposals under the ”Not in my name” initiative at a press conference organized by the international movement Uniti per Unire (united to unite) and online newspaper La Svolta in the Rome office of the Italian press federation. The manifesto includes a call to set up a national registry of Italian imams so prayers are also recited in Italian and to boost cooperation between mosques and institutions. The manifesto also calls for Italian and European laws to control immigration, criticizes the freedom to insult and provoke, the exploitation of Islam, terror and immigration for political, electoral or media visibility reasons.

The ten-point document drafted in cooperation with the majority of Arab and Muslim communities across the country, explained the president of Co-mai, Foad Aodi, is aimed at distancing the community from terror and violence after the terror attacks in Paris. ”We are the first victims of what is going on in the world”, he said, addressing representatives of the embassies of Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Egypt and the Arab League, as well as the ambassador of the Arab League in Italy, Youssef Nassif Hitti.

”Information serves the freedom of all citizens and satire is one of many expressions of information, that must be carried out respecting the dignity of people”, according to the secretary-general of the National Federation of the Italian Press (FNSI), Franco Siddi, who addressed this morning the press conference

Proposals in the ”Not in my name” manifesto include the ”reactivation of regional and national chambers of Muslim Arab communities and associations alsoof foreign origin to boost cooperation among institutions”.

A priority outlined is also the creation of a registry of Italian imams.

Aodi denounced ”do-it-yourself mosques that damage Muslims”. Nobody, he noted, ”can wake up in the morning and set up a mosque with unclear regulations”.

In the document, that was applauded by the Ministers Alfano and Gentiloni, as well as by Premier Renzi, and which will be officially presented to Italian authorities this afternoon, Co-mai asks for more cooperation – also financially- between countries of immigration and host countries, as well as Arab and Euro-Mediterranean countries and the UN, added Aodi.

Aodi also called against the ”provocations of (Northern League leader Matteo) Salvini, politically the most dangerous person in Italy”, who encourages hatred and fear towards Muslims and Arabs, he concluded. (ANSAmed)

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