ansamed: Well-managed migration means good public health, Aodi

(ANSAMed) – ROME, JUNE 12 – The head of the Italian umbrella group for doctors of foreign origins AMSI from the Community of the Arab World in Italy (CO-MAI), Foad Aodi, said Friday that good management of migration in a country leads to good public health.

Aodi is also head of the Movimento Uniti per Unire and will on Saturday open a conference on ‘Orthopedic Oncology, an Inter-disciplinary Approach’ at the Sandro Pertini hospital in the Italian capital. ”In addition to promoting medicine as a vehicle for exchange, information and knowledge between populations, we will take note of two joint proposals presented to the government, to Ministers Gentiloni, Alfano and Lorenzin” dealing with the management of healthcare and migration, Aodi said. ”Where there is well-managed migration there is good public health. We should not confuse migration with security. We focus on bilateral agreements between countries and try to avoid pointless healthcare alarmist tones. Migrants do not bring illnesses, but do get sick here because of the disadvantaged conditions they live in.” Aodi will be making an appeal during the conference for the prevention of orthopedic-related oncological pathologies ”so that there will be earlier diagnoses to prevent fractures from metastasis,” noting that ”good healthcare is based on everyone’s right to health, with or without residency papers”. The sensitive issue of circumcision of Muslim children will be discussed during the meeting as well. ”Some 35% of Muslim families in Italy have their children’s circumcision done in illegal surgeries due to the enormous cost, resulting in various complications due to a lack of hygienic conditions,” Aodi said. ”I am pleased to announce that today, thanks to a request made several times by AMSI, the surgery can be done in non-subsidized public facilities at an affordable cost in the Lazio region. We hope this will soon be extended across all of Italy.” The conference will be moderated by the state broadcaster RAI journalist Michele Cucuzza, honorary member of Uniti per Unire. In attendance will be Minister Enrico Granara, coordinator for Multi-Lateral Affairs of the Mediterranean and the Middle East of the Italian foreign ministry; Zouheir Zouairi, deputy ambassador of the Arab League in Italy; Ahmed Iraqi, head of the Alrahme Medical Centre of Tira; and doctors, nurses and physiotherapists from around the world. (ANSAmed).




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